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Effortlessly build performant APIs

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The powerful, lightweight and flexible ASGI framework
Everything that's needed to build modern APIs, from data serialization and validation to websockets, ORM integration, session management, authentication and more
Litestar puts great emphasis on developer experience and performance: It's one of the fastest ASGI frameworks and developing with it is just as fast
Asynchronous at heart, but with synchronous execution not as a second class citizen: Synchronous applications run without performance penalties

Data Validation And Parsing

Leverage the power of type hints to define how data should be validated, parsed and serialized

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Open Ecosystem

Define schemas and models for validation with standard types such as dataclasses, libraries like Pydantic, or integrate your own

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Automatically generated OpenAPI schemas help to document APIs and integrate with the frontend via TypeScript schema generation

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Interactive API Documentation

Interactively explore your APIs through Swagger, Redoc or Stoplight Elements, powered by OpenAPI

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Handle rate-limiting, CORS, CSRF, compression, logging and many more common tasks with Litestar's built-in middlewares

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Data Stores

Interfaces for various key/value stores that seamlessly integrate with your application and third party extensions

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ORM Integration

First-class SQLAlchemy support let's you use your models for validation and serialization directly, reducing code duplication

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Dependency Injection

Powerful dependency injection on all application layers, aides in code decoupling and reduces repetition

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Response caching with minimal configuration and overhead to speed up response times

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Easy to use WebSockets integration, featuring high- and low-level APIs and support for automatic data validation and serialization

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Runtime Safety Through Strict Validation

Litestar is strictly typed and user supplied functions are meticulously validated to minimize runtime errors

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Authentication And Authorization

Session and JWT based authentication and utilities at your disposal to start building your authentication layer with ease

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Litestar 2.0.0alpha7 is available Check out the latest release here