Litestar is developed by a group of volunteers and outside contributors, and lead by a team of Maintainers.

From its inception, Litestar was envisaged as a community driven project. We encourage users to become involved with the project - feel free to open issues, chime in on discussions, review pull requests and of course - contribute code.

Every contribution is welcome and appreciated, which is why we follow the All Contributors guideline to recognise all of them - Including those that don’t push code.


The organizational structure is very much flat, with only two distinctive roles:

  • Members: People who have contributed significantly and have been granted limited administrative permissions to the Litestar organization

  • Maintainers: Long term members of the organization who have demonstrated a vested interest in developing and maintaining Litestar and its related projects, contributing significantly in administrative and development tasks


Current maintainers of the project are:

New maintainers may be nominated by any member of the Litestar organization and have to be approved unanimously by the current maintainers.

Litestar and Starlite#

Litestar was previously named “Starlite”, a name chosen as an homage to Starlette, the ASGI framework and toolkit Starlite was initially based on. Over the course of its development, Starlite grew more independent and relied less on Starlette, up to the point were Starlette was officially removed as a dependency in November 2022, with the release of v1.39.0.

After careful considerations, it was decided that from version 2.0 onwards, Starlite would be renamed and the name Litestar was chosen. There were many factors contributing to this decision, but it was mainly driven by concerns from within and outside the community about the possible confusion of the names Starlette and Starlite which (not incidentally) bear a lot of resemblance, which now had outlived its purpose.

Aside from the name, Litestar 2.0 is a direct successor of Starlite 1, and the regular release cycle will continue. It was determined that making the first release under the new name 2.0 and continue with the version numbers from Starlite would cause the least friction, which means the first release under the new name will be v2.0.0alpha3, following the last alpha release of Starlite, v2.0.0alpha2.